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Knock-Out, 2012

Knock-Out, stop motion animation, 2012

Hitwoman: The Hedonist, The Jumper, Beater–Beaten, Stitches, 2009

The Hedonist | The Jumper | Beater-Beaten | Stitches
Hitwoman: Four-channel moving image installation, loop, 2009

Series of videos where the same woman performs absurd things, such as hits herself and tries to close her mouth by sawing it. The work was originally made to relate to works in the collection of Oulu Art Museum, Finland, to the exhibition Human traces, curated by Juha-Heikki Tihinen.

Above: A documentation photo from "Human Traces" exhibition in Oulu Art Museum, Oulu, Finland, 2009

Discipline, 2001

Discipline, two-channel installation, loop, 2001

A moving image installation showing a woman laying on the sofa and looking at aerobics videos. Another channel with women jumping and doing exercise in the rhythm of a commanding male voice.

Finnish Academy of Fine Arts / Ari Lepistö

Balance, 2000

Balance, Mini DV, 5 min 40, 2000

A woman painting a space with white paint. A male voice is commanding and criticizing her. Sometimes the woman follows the orders, sometimes not.

Balance, Mini DV, 5 min 40, 2000 Above: Balance video still, 2000

Concept, performance, camera and editing Johanna Lecklin
Voice-over Brian Merriman

Perfect, 1999

PERFECT, Mini DV, 1 min, 1999

A projection of princess Diana's face on the artist's face. Subtitles are instructing how to fit in to the image of the princess.

Above: PERFECT video stills, 1999




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