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Therapy Animal Story   |   a dramatised story from Story Café >>>

Therapy Animal Story, 2010
HD video and animation, 14" 4

Therapy Animal Story is a video that is based on a story that is written and read by Ulla Salo-Pulliainen in Johanna Lecklin's art project Story Café in Helsinki 2006. It is a fairytale of a marriage between the Little Cat and the Owl. The marriage between the animals reminds of marriage between two very different and unhappy persons. In the video three readers read the story and between the read sequences animated characters show the life of the Cat and the Owl.

Above: Therapy Animal Story video stills, 2010

A Summer Job   |   a dramatised story from Story Café >>>

A Summer Job, 2009
Super 8 transferred to video, 6"56

A Summer Job is story of a disastrous summer job experience. A British woman told how she "almost got sold as a sex slave to Arabia" in Johanna Lecklin's art project, Story Café in Broadway Market in London 2004. The film is a re-make of the original story. The choreographer and the dancers were sent to a little town in Italy, where they ended up in the hands of the mafia and make an unbelievable escape.

Three persons with different English accents tell the same story on the video. A dark woman with glamorous clothes starts the story, a black young girl continues and a Russian man finishes the story.

A Summer Job video in Aboa Vetus Ars Nova Museum, Turku, Finland, 2009 A Summer Job, Super 8 transferred to video, 6:56, 2009 A Summer Job, Super 8 transferred to video, 6:56, 2009 A Summer Job, Super 8 transferred to video, 6:56, 2009 Above: Still photos from 'A Summer Job' video and 'A Summer Job' documentation, Aboa Vetus Ars Nova Museum, Turku, Finland 2009

Hitwoman: The Hedonist, The Jumper, Beater–Beaten, Stitches, 2009

The Hedonist | The Jumper | Beater-Beaten | Stitches
Hitwoman: Four-channel moving image installation, loop, 2009

Series of videos where the same woman performs absurd things, such as hits herself and tries to close her mouth by sawing it. The work was originally made to relate to works in the collection of Oulu Art Museum, Finland, to the exhibition Human traces, curated by Juha-Heikki Tihinen.

Above: A documentation photo from "Human Traces" exhibition in Oulu Art Museum, Oulu, Finland, 2009

Tomorrow (Huominen), 2007   |   a dramatised story from Story Café >>>

Tomorrow (Huominen), 2007

Tomorrow is a short film about a child's understanding of abstract concepts. A little girl is wondering about what tomorrow is. She asks her father what it means and when she can see tomorrow. She tries to stay awake till midnight in order to see today change into tomorrow. She gets very disappointed when she realizes that it is not possible to see tomorrow.

There is A Lot of Joy, too, 2005

There is A Lot of Joy, too, 2005

The film is a fictive dialogue between a boy and his mother. They never meet on the screen, but are seen next to each other. The boy tells about his dreams and the mother about how it is to live with a different child. The boy wants to become a famous actor like his idols James Dean or Tom Cruise. On the other hand he would like to be a girl. His mother talks about her son's sexual identity and the difficulties caused when he fell in love with his teacher. The script is based on recorded discussions with a boy who has Asperger's syndrome, which is related to Autism.

The work can be shown as an installation on two channels or a single screen work.

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