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Language Is The Key To Everything | Språket är nyckeln till allt | Kieli on avain kaikkeen

"Language Is The Key To Everything" is a video installation on two channels. The script is based on interviews with Sweden Finnish first and second generation immigrants in Haninge, Sweden. The character of the young man, a second-generation immigrant, tells a fictionalized story in Swedish. The story is based on questions of identity and language that the interviewees had told. The older woman, a first generation immigrant, explains the situation that a Finnish immigrant, who didn't speak any Swedish, tackled in the 1960s and 1970s in Sweden. Both the man and the woman participated in an art project about Sweden Finnish people that Johanna Lecklin made for Haninge municipality. The young man himself was one of the interviewees. The piece was first shown at Haninge Art Hall in Haninge Cultural Centre in the autumn 2012, where it was also filmed.

Above: Still photos from 'Language Is The Key To Everything' video and Language Is The Key To Everything documentation, Haninge Art Hall, Sweden, 2012

Minority Law / Minoritetslagen | Vähemmistölaki

Three children from the Sweden Finnish minority in Sweden repeat concepts from the Minority Law after their nursery teacher. The piece has been presented as a three channel video installation on three square shaped video monitors in Haninge Art Hall, Sweden 2012.

Above: Still photos from 'Minority Law' video and Minority Law documentation, Haninge Konsthall, 2012

Your Songs Transport Me to A Place I've Never Been, 2012

Three singers are singing a song that is composed by Jarno Kukkonen for the piece. The lyrics of the song are based on fan letters meant for the singer-songwriter Nick Drake (1948-1974). The image is a reference to a series of photographs by photographer Keith Morris of Nick Drake standing in front of a brick wall when people pass by. "Your Songs Transport Me to A Place I've Never Been" [working title "Singing Fans"] can be shown as a three channel video installation or as a single channel split screen version, as shown on the web link.

Above: Still photos from 'Your Songs Transport Me to A Place I've Never Been' video and exhibition documentation, Gallery Sinne, Helsinki, Finland, 2012

Knock-Out, 2012

Knock-Out, stop motion animation, 2012

Above: Still photo from 'Knock-Out' video, 2012

Letters From Busholmen | Brev från Busholmen, 2012

Letters From Busholmen is a stop motion animation filmed in a warehouse in Jätkäsaari (Busholmen in Swedish, the original name for a small island in front of Helsinki) in Helsinki, Finland. It is a love story between a smuggler and a lady, whose family has a villa on the island Busholmen. The story is built up like a guided tour in the family villa during in the Prohibition era in Finland (1919-1932), when the villas on Busholmen were already abandoned. The images show the interior of the warehouse, Magasin L3, at the same time when the voice-over guides through the villa and reads the love letters from the lady and the smuggler.

The piece was first shown at the 10 year anniversary exhibition of Gallery Huuto, an artist-run gallery, in the same location, Magasin L3, where it was shot.

Letters From Busholmen in Jätkäsaari Magasin L3 in Helsinki, Finland, 2012 Above: A documentation photo of Letters From Busholmen
Jätkäsaari, warehouse Magasin L3, Helsinki, Finland, 2012

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Language is the Key to Everything

Minority Law
Your Songs Transport Me to a Place where I've Never been
Letters from Busholmen
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